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Are You Having Trouble with Our Website?

If you are using Internet Explorer 10, then you need to click the "Compatibility Button".

It is located just to the right of the address bar.

The Compatibility Button

Permanently add www.uaig.net to Compatibility View:

  1. Press ALT + T on your keyboard (the tools menu will appear)
  2. Compatibility ViewGo to Compatibility View Settings
  3. Add uaig.net (see diagram to the right)

Additional Settings

Step 1:

In Internet Explorer, under Tools, select "Internet Options". The following screen will appear:

Internet Options Menu

HINT: If you don't see Tools in your Menubar, press ALT + T on your keyboard

Step 2:

Click the "Settings" button.

(You'll see it under Browsing History.)

See diagram to the right.

Step 3:

On the Website Data Settings page, you will need to make two changes.

Website Data
1st Change
Check for newer versions of stored pages:
Every time I visit the webpage
2nd Change
Disk Space to use: 100

Press OK

Step 4:

Privacy Advanced Settings

Back on your Internet Options menu,

Click the Privacy Tab.

Click on the Advanced button.

Step 5:

Make sure your settings match the diagram below:

Advanced Settings for Cookies

Press OK

Step 6:

Restart Internet Explorer and the site should work as expected.

Download this tutorial as a PDF.

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Printing PDF's

When printing PDF's from our website, please check the following settings:

Step 1

Make sure Fit is checked (under Page Sizing & Handling: See Image Below)

Step 2

Click the Advanced button (See Image Below)

Step 3

Make sure Print As Image is checked (See Image Below):

All Done? Press OK.