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Find out when United Automobile Insurance Company will visit your area and select a state for more information. We only list areas with scheduled events, so please check back soon if you don't see your area on the list today.


Note: We currently do not have any job fairs scheduled. So please check back soon.

Tips for Participating in Job Fairs

First impressions are lasting ones, so treat the career fairs that you are attending like a job interview. Come dressed for success in conservative attire, with a winning attitude, and ready to answer probing questions.


Periodically attend these events even when you are not necessarily looking for a job to see what opportunities are out there, and to gain a perspective on where you fit in the job marketplace.


Be prepared by bringing the following: a pen, note pad and stack of resumes. You should also bring a portfolio or carryall that has easily accessible storage areas. Wear comfortable, professional-looking shoes designed for standing long periods of time.


Your resume should be scannable, short and professional on white paper that is free of graphics, photographs or fancy print styles, but also containing larger margins for interviewer notes.


If they distribute name tags at the conference or job fair, by all means use them.


Arrive early to avoid having to stand in long lines. Large companies with high profiles will have the longest lines.


Be prepared to assertively introduce yourself, giving your best handshake, showing enthusiasm and making eye contact with the interviewer. Be concise, polite and direct, as you only have brief period of time to obtain the information that you need and to make an impression.


Finding out about position needs, company culture and diversity. These questions will help you figure out if the company is a good match for you. Use the information that you obtain from your company research, and the questions that you ask to sell your skills that address their needs.

What UAIC Offers

Recruiting Events

Career Paths



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